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How to Successfully Implement Your B2B Wholesale Platform

You have already chosen a B2B wholesale platform? Now it is time to successfully implement it! Read and find out how!

Ecommerce has officially transformed the wholesale industry and the migration towards digital solutions is only the beginning. Did you know that 50% of the distributors, manufacturers, and wholesale business owners don’t have an online store and 80% of them are planning to launch their stores in the two years? Even though we are seeing a positive market movement, this trend will accelerate even more quickly and you need to be prepared for it.


It is predicted that the B2B ecommerce will outstrip the B2C industry and as always, the early adopters will be at a competitive advantage in terms of market share and brand awareness.

Choosing the right B2B wholesale platform is crucial if you want to run a successful B2B wholesale business. This shouldn’t be a rash decision, instead, you need to analyze and compare so you can make the right choice. Determining your needs, budget, and goals is absolutely essential.

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2. Start with your buyers: This is a very important consideration. The B2B wholesale customers want to have more choices than ever. You need to ask yourself – What functionality do your B2B customers need from your store? The B2B wholesale platform should help you build a great ecommerce site that will help you set your business apart and attract the attention of potential customers. You should be prepared to gather surveys, interviews, and market research so you can understand and know exactly what your customers need from your online store.

3. Define clearly your requirements: Keep in mind that a successful wholesale business should last for years and the ecommerce platform you are using should help you grow and develop your business in the right way. Usually, the businesses invest huge resources into platforms and their websites only last for a couple of years. This is because of the low quality of the platform, poor service, and lack of scalability.


In order for you to avoid this, you need to make your own research. Spend some time documenting how the technological solutions affect various parts of your wholesale business. You need to clearly define your requirements so you can be absolutely sure you are using the right B2B wholesale platform. Implementing the platform is not just an IT decision. You also need an approval from marketing, product development, finance, supply chains, executive sector, and from your sales team. All sectors should be aligned for the implementation to be successful.

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Take the time to develop a good strategy, find the right B2B wholesale platform and implementation solution partner, and most importantly – make sure you are relying on the right team to help you implement it.

Do you have some tips on tricks for a successful ecommerce platform implementation? Share in the comment section!

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