The 4 Best B2B E-commerce Platforms for Small Businesses

There’s no doubt that the e-commerce industry is filled with opportunities for all B2B businesses. The e-commerce retailing systems have assisted the B2B businesses to perfectly manage their business relations, reduce the communication gap between their client’s, carb wastage of goods, increase product and brand reach to improve revenue and sales. If you are new in the industry selecting the ideal B2b E-commerce platform for your business can be difficult because there are dozens of them and each one is different from the other. Here are the top 4 e-commerce platforms to use for your small business.

  1. Contalog

Contalog has emerged as the top B2B e-commerce platform for small businesses as it has eased the process of order management, inventory management, and product management. Contalog has clean, elegant and responsive designs which are carefully crafted to assist B2b businesses to make the most of on their opportunities.

  1. Goecart

If you are looking for a customizable, comprehensive and a flexible B2B e-commerce platform, then Goecart is the ideal e-commerce platform for you. It has compelling features which give you an e-commerce platform which does not have any limits. Goecart has an order management software which has more than 250 features which allow you to process numerous orders simultaneously.

Goecart has only two packages a regular package for1000$ for one month and a professional package which goes for 1200$ every month. The regular package provides a complete solution for upcoming brands whereas the professional package provides additional features such as transaction emails and guided navigation.

  1. Insitecommerce

This is yet another responsive, multipurpose, resourceful ad sleek e-commerce platform. It’s considered one of the most powerful, and dynamic tools which are designed to meet the needs of distributors and manufacturers by giving them unlimited opportunities and enormous functionality. Insitecommerce is unique and is commonly known for running many websites.

  1. NetSuite

NetSuite is among the top B2B e-commerce platform in the world which provides a scalable and modern solution at a cost friendly price. NetSuite gives merchants the chance to automate operations and also reduce IT costs. NetSuite is among the most used B2B platform and its used by more than 40,000 companies in over 160 countries.


The above B2B e-commerce platforms have brought a significant change in the e-commerce industry. These e-commerce solutions have done away with all the problems which come with inventory management reporting and order processing and are ideal for the success and growth of your business.

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